Glock 19 Lozen V2 IWB HolsterGlock 19 Lozen V2 AIWB HolsterTracker Dan Glock 19 AIWB Holster
Tracker Dan Glock 19 IWB Holster
Glock 19 Lozen V2 IWB Holster
Glock 19 Lozen V2 AIWB Holster
Tracker Dan Glock 19 AIWB Holster

Lozen V2

(11 customer reviews)



Holster Intel

Lozen v2 is an inside the waistband (IWB) holster for strong side or appendix (AIWB) carry with multiple enhancements for comfort and concealment. It features the Tracker Dan “TD” cloth grabber clip for use when you can’t wear a gun belt. Excellent for board shorts, gym shorts, or yoga pants for the ladies. Designed in collaboration with US Navy SEAL, knife maker, and survival expert Tracker Dan.

Trijicon SRO compatible.

This holster is designed with a fixed ride height that is positioned for a full firing grip.

Holster Fit

  • Glock 9/40

Glock 9/40 fits: 17/19/19x/22/23/26/27/45 – Gen3, Gen4, Gen5 models.

Key Features

  • Tracker Dan clip
  • Concealment wing
  • Multi-axis muzzle pad
  • Fight-R retention
  • Open muzzle design
  • Optics ready

11 reviews for Lozen V2

  1. Chris N.

    This is my favorite holster I have ever carried the ride height is perfect for AIWB and great for seated positions and allows a full grip to be established on the gun before drawing. The concealment wing also being adjustable is the best I have used. Overall the holster rides amazingly streamline to the body in any carry position and the Tracker Dan clip is bomb proof with no worries of deformation.

  2. Tate H.

    Been in love with the Lozen V2 and Compact version ever since I got them. The design is well thought out and executed. The Tracker Dan cloth grabbing clip keeps the holster secure and in place. I am confident that this holster can handle anything thrown at it. Think I’ve finally found the perfect holster. Biggest problem with this holster is having to figure out what to do with all my old holsters I won’t be using anymore.

  3. Chuck D.

    Just received my lozen v2 for my Glock 17. Amazing!!! Without a doubt one of the best holsters I’ve ever owned!

  4. Thomas R.

    One of the finest holsters I’ve ever owned. Made with in the input of those who know. Using the legendary Tracker Dan clip.

    This holster has the most outstanding retention. Not too loose and not too tight. It’s Goldilocks. Along with that, the holster is formed using the very best technology ensuring a secure and ideal fit to your firearm.
    Design elements such as the claw, the concealment pad and Tracker Dan clip make for an incredible carry rig.

    The combination of these design elements results in a holster than stays where you put it, conceals your firearm exceptionally well while also maintaining a great level of comfort for long periods sitting, driving, standing and moving in all manner of situations.

    If you need an outstanding holster for your Glock, look no further than Red1USA with the Lozen or others rigs.

    All that backed by world class customer service make this holster a no brainer. Buy one. Yesterday.

  5. Denton K.

    Been using holsters for years and have have finally found the perfect setup , the lozen holsters have the perfect retention and not to mention the awesome TD clip that holds it secure wherever you prefer to carry , the small makes the 43 totally disappear and makes the larger 19 carry as easily as youd think the 43 would , now the only problem is what to do with this drawer full of other holsters I’ve accumulated over the years

  6. Josh G.

    I’ve wanted to love appendix carry for awhile now, tried many holsters and tricks like the wedges out there. This holster needs nothing, it’s that comfortable. The TD clip is amazing, I clip directly to my pants and tighten my belt over the clip drawing the gun closer to me. Love it.

  7. Charles D.

    I have a box full of holsters. I’ve tried them all. Wasted money on most of them. I believe in carrying a full size gun. When it comes to fighting I want nothing less so it’s a G17 everyday all day. The lozen rig was the first holster that did it all. Comfort, access, the ability to conceal. I’m in Charleston SC. Gentleman don’t let you know they have a gun so if it’s a suit it works or if it’s just a t-shirt because it’s so dang hot it works!

    Best holster on the market!!

  8. Ross N.

    I just got my new Lozen V2. I love it. Great fit, comfortable, as soon as I put it on noticed the difference between this holster and my old one. Very happy with the Lozen V2. Definitely would recommend it to anyone on the fence.

  9. Derek K.

    Love it! Very nice quality holster

  10. Matt W.

    This holster solves the issue of needing a belt to keep in place with the TrackerDan clip. The holster is very well made and high quality. This should last a lifetime under normal use.

  11. Jeff J.

    This is the best holster I’ve owned. It properly conceals the weapon and it’s not bulky. I also like it that the weapon actually gets locked in placed and you can hear the clicking sound when it locks in but easy to pull out when you need it.

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