Red 1 USA Sig P365 IWB HolsterRed 1 USA Sig P365 AIWB HolsterRed 1 USA Shield IWB HolsterRed 1 USA Shield AIWB Holster
Red 1 USA Sig P365 IWB Holster
Red 1 USA Sig P365 AIWB Holster
Red 1 USA Shield IWB Holster
Red 1 USA Shield AIWB Holster

Speedmaster X1

(2 customer reviews)

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Holster Intel

Speedmaster X1 is a “tuckable” inside the waistband (IWB) holster for strong side or appendix (AIWB) carry with multiple enhancements for comfort and concealment. Ride height is adjustable and belt loop will accommodate 1.75″, 1.5″, or 1.25″ belt widths.

Trijicon SRO compatible.

Holster Fit

  • Glock 9/40
  • Sig P320
  • Sig P365
  • S&W Shield

Glock 9/40 fits: 17/19/19x/22/23/26/27/45 – Gen3, Gen4, Gen5 models.
Sig P320 fits: 9/40 – Full size, Carry, Compact models.
Sig P365 fits: Regular and XL models.
S&W Shield fits: 9/40 – 2.0, 1.0 models.

Key Features

  • BioThane belt loop
  • TuckStrut
  • Multi-axis muzzle pad
  • Adjustable retention
  • Open muzzle design
  • Adjustable ride height

2 reviews for Speedmaster X1

  1. Michael A.

    I have a Speedmaster X1 for my CZ P10. I love the precise fit and finish. The gun snaps in tight and stays put until I want it out while allowing for a complete master grip before beginning the draw. It strikes a perfect balance of enough holster and minimal bulk.
    The design minimizes printing with the comfort concealment pad molded into the kydex, keeping the grip of the pistol snug against the body.
    The TuckStrut allows you the option to tuck in a shirt and does a nice job keeping it tucked in place.
    I have enough time on the holster to have confidence in it. I’ve worn it as an EDC and worked it in a day-long shooting class. I’ve been completely happy with it. I like it better than the others I’ve tried for this gun.
    Based on my experience with this holster I am buying more for my other carry guns.
    In case anyone cares, I am a full-time firearms instructor. I run a training group that focuses on fighting through worst-case scenarios. We are really hard on our gear, we break stuff. I have many gun/holster combinations for personal use, but more importantly, I have several “loaner” sets for students to try or use in classes. I’ve tried a lot of the most popular holsters on the market and seen the rest of them on the range at one time or another. Red One holsters are premium quality, well engineered, comfortable, durable, and fight-worthy gear.

  2. Amy H.

    This is a great holster for my new Sig P365. It’s adjustable and it tucks great. Very happy with it.

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